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The home of the world famous Oktoberfest is the capital of Bavaria. It is the city with the highest population in the state. It's true, the call girls next door make up a part of that. Assume that you will find the most beautiful of them here on this page. A visit here is worthwhile.

Beyond the border, it is a landmark for Germany. Many think everyone in Germany is like the people here. We are talking about the home of FC Bayern, the Weißwurst and the pretzel. It stands for its politics, its name and its achievements. Culturally, your meeting will lack nothing. Your date will be a highlight and a time you won't forget.

According to the magazine Monocle the state capital was considered the place with the highest quality of life in the world. No wonder that woman as an escort chooses Munich as her home and not for a limited time. The standard here is set high and invites everyone who comes to stay. It is not for nothing that the biggest stars and starlets of the media landscape live here. Here you have everything you need to live well.

Whether in summer or winter, a visit to Bavaria is worth the trip. If you have to decide which month to come, choose winter. Unless you're coming for the Wiesn, in which case you're better off a few months before. Luckily, there are beautiful women here at any time of the year, so you don't have to worry about that. Here you'll find dream girls with charm. Meet one of them.

This city is home to universities, museums and theatres. Many sexy students pursue their degrees here and work as escorts on the side. This way they can earn a living with their work as a private escort. Is a city tour the prelude to your date? Let us surprise you.

It is the venue for events and trade fairs, as well as the aforementioned, world-famous Oktoberfest. This event attracts tourists from all over the world every year. During this time it is high season for escort ladies. Who would go to such an event without a lady by their side? With a high class escort at your side, the service is twice as much fun! You'll think so, won't you? Just a moment. That's not enough for you?

Here's a fun fact: People surf in Munich! The Eisbach is a centre of attraction for people who do this. At least those who don't avoid the wave. Among the escort girls there is one girl who does not avoid competition. You see, Bavaria is more than football! To avoid problems, clarify this in the preliminary talk with your lady. Now nothing stands in the way of your adventure.

If you are based here, you will know all that. You know your stuff and that's how you score points. You can impress your date with your knowledge. Women like men who know the ropes! As a guest, you don't have to despair. Are you "just" visiting and need a few tips? No problem, take a look at what's available here.


The evening begins and you want to get to know the nightlife? Feel like a VIP with your lady and have fun with music and first-class drinks? Switch off and enjoy the evening. Here you will find a selection of clubs that are located directly in the city. Go out with one of the ladies and leave the worries of everyday life behind you. This is how escorting is fun!

1. P1

2 Call me Drella

3. pacha

Restaurants & Bars

Munich stands for tradition. Get to know your date over dinner before you get closer in the evening. This selection of restaurants stands for service. Look forward to special food that goes through the stomach. Guaranteed to be an option for your dinner date. All this before dessert.

1. boettners

2. restaurant Königshof

3rd Nuremberg Bratwurst Glöckl at the Cathedral


You don't know where to stay yet? No problem. In the capital of Bavaria, you'll find a great selection of hotels. There is accommodation for every taste, both in the centre and in the neighbourhoods. Three of the best locations with great service are listed below.

1st Four Seasons Kempinski

2 The Westin Grand

3 Le Méridien

That's enough for now. GIRL NEXT DOOR wishes you much success with your escort. For further help, please contact the Support. You will receive an answer to your questions as soon as possible.

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