Equality for women begins where it is least respected

The portal GIRL NEXT DOOR is aware of the controversy that the topic of escort and escort service, and in a broader sense sex work, brings with it and wants to actively contribute to solving this problematic stigma.
In modern times like these, in which we as a society want to act emancipatory and strengthen women* in their right to self-determination, the de-tabooization of services in the escort sector is heard far too little. The practice of this activity, especially if it includes sex work, still has a negative connotation in large parts of society, so that those performing it must do so in silence, otherwise they must fear social defamation. This cannot correspond to the enlightened attitude that we as a society want to establish in the sense of an equal understanding of roles between the sexes, which is why GIRL NEXT DOOR proactively supports the right to self-determination and thus takes a fundamental feminist stance.

The Internet as a new opportunity for independence in the escort industry

The idea behind this portal is to break down mental barriers in this context and to strengthen the right to self-determined work in the field of paid dating by people of any gender and/or sexual orientation. Here, women* are to be given the opportunity to create a place for themselves independently and self-governing and to be able to advertise their services independently and autonomously.
Admittedly, this idea is not new and has been applied in the World Wide Web for years, but still most of the exercise of this industry takes place in the classical sense and thus still in outdated and unemancipatory structures. The enactment of the Prostitute Protection Act in the summer of 2017 was a first step towards increasing security and regulation, especially in the area of professional sex work, in this nevertheless very unclear industry. However, due to knowledge and language barriers, many practitioners remain unaware of their basic rights and obligations as self-employed escort women and continue to rely on third parties to manage and supervise them in this regard. A de-tabooing of the field and thus a more prominent and above all barrier-free presence through portals such as GIRL NEXT DOOR could be a great help on the way to complete independence.

The difference between an agency and an advertising portal

In contrast to a classic escort agency, there is no personal employment relationship between the operator and the escort ladies on this platform, nor is there an obligation on the part of the ladies towards the portal. The ladies can independently and for a limited time place paid advertisements, over which they determine independently. These can be edited by them or also be switched privately.
The portal keeps itself completely out of the design of the profiles, as well as the offered service and / or the conditions under which the ladies advertise on their. This also means that there is no mediation and / or a right of instruction by the platform to the escort and escort ladies with regard to the exercise of their service. These structures may still be applied in many parts of the country, but from the operator's point of view they are outdated and no longer necessary.
Nevertheless, the portal sees a coexistence of these different models as legitimate and supports the diversity of the industry through cooperation opportunities with local agencies in terms of advertising space on the site. However, this is expressly paid advertising by third parties to the portal. GIRL NEXT DOOR has at no time influence on the design of the offers of advertising third parties and also in no other form a relation to these, except that which results from the cooperation.

A moral duty arises from an ethical stance. Decriminalize sex work - now!

Here, escorts should have the opportunity to make themselves heard autonomously and to pursue their work in a self-regulating manner, regardless of whether it is pure escorting or sex work in the classical sense. In this way, criminal and/or problematic structures in this area are to be counteracted and exploitation by third parties prevented. If at any time there are indications that corresponding conditions are also applied here on this portal, such a profile will be deleted immediately and the subject matter will be reported to the police. Should you have any suspicions or other information, please use the contact page to write the support.

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